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Updated: Oct 17, 2022

VanceMitchem Public Affairs is a full-service government affairs firm based in Indianapolis, IN

INDIANAPOLIS (Sept. 2, 2022) – Trevor Vance and Chris Mitchem co-founded VanceMitchem Public Affairs, Indiana’s newest full-service government affairs firm that officially launched on September 1.

VanceMitchem will provide high-end lobbying services for clients in the Indiana General Assembly, the executive branch of the Indiana state government and local municipalities around Indiana. VanceMitchem will also offer procurement consulting services and industry-leading legislative communications to clients.

“The lobbying industry in Indiana is a small community and the time is right for a new client-focused firm to emerge,” Vance said. “Achieving client priorities should be paramount over billable hours. I’m happy to join forces with Chris in founding this firm so that we may continue to fight for meaningful policy changes in Indiana state and local government and be impactful community partners.”

Vance and Mitchem partner to create a diverse team with over 30 years of combined Statehouse experience in industries such as agriculture, alcohol and tobacco, energy and utilities, education, heavy manufacturing, and economic development.

“I would be amiss if I first didn’t thank all of the friends and mentors who held out a hand to help me get to this point,” Mitchem said. “Not only am I confident that this team will be a force in the Indiana Statehouse, but I look forward to continuing genuine working relationships with our clients in order to more effectively advocate and move the needle for their priority issues.”

Vance, from Lovett, Indiana, serves as the firm’s CEO, where he will address the needs of clients by using his several years of Statehouse experience. Vance leaves Bose Public Affairs Group after 15 years, where he held several roles including managing director of government relations and left as a principal of the firm. Before Bose Public Affairs Group, Vance served as the manager of state affairs for the Indiana Statewide Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives, Inc., and several years in a leadership role on staff at the Indiana House of Representatives.

Mitchem, from Chandler, Indiana, assumes the role of president and will lead the firm’s communications services arm in addition to advocating for client priorities. Mitchem was with Bose Public Affairs Group since 2019, where he lobbied the Indiana legislature and led the firm’s legislative outreach to clients. He previously worked at the Indiana Hospital Association and the majority caucus staff of the Indiana House of Representatives.

VanceMitchem will operate out of Indianapolis. More information can be found at


With over 30 years of combined experience, VanceMitchem Public Affairs is a premier, full-service government affair firm in Indianapolis. VanceMitchem's primary goal is to present clients as thought leaders in both the legislative and executive branches of Indiana state government through its diverse, dynamic team of seasoned professionals.


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